Business opportunities within the car and automotive sector are very competitive, there is a variant of fields you can get into manufacturing, distribution, buying, repairing, cleaning, modding, sales, to name a few, If you have a skill set in one of these fields and want to break free from a current employer due to pay, hours worked working conditions, travel time, well there is a long list of the reasons as to why you may want to leave, maybe its just that you feel you can go it alone and give yourself the freedom of being your own boss.  Franchise options may be the way for to achieve this without a massive cash outlay, for instance if you already have the skills to paint a car then there are many dent, body scratch and wheel repair companies out there you could join.  These companies really do open the world of self employment and make the jump achievable for you and your family.  so on these pages are a few words regarding how to get into the automotive industry