Car Park BarriersCar park barriers prevent cars from entering & exiting closed parking lots. The system basically consists of a long-metal arm, that blocks cars from moving forward, & a terminal which accepts payments or/and allows the car’s driver to speak-to somebody who can allow the car through the barrier. Car park barriers are usually used in parking-garages. Birmingham car park barriers help in controlling the flow-of traffic in the busy areas because they wont admit automobiles into the parking area if it’s full. This means that any driver that the barrier permits into the parking garage will be able to-find a parking space without a lot of circling or/and competition with the other drivers. The barrier also may be used-to collect fees for using the parking garage. In addition, they may limit access-to only the drivers who have parking permits.

Car park barriers are commonly used in all kinds of places, ranging from the commercial buildings & shopping malls to universities and airports. Still, some others, which do not have a mechanized control-system, are added to the hiking trails so as to keep trails closed to the vehicles. At times attendants are on duty to-collect cash & operate the car park barriers, but increasingly this trend is now towards automating car park barriers so as to reduce the labor costs.

Birmingham car park barriers are made in different sizes and shapes, from single armed barriers to barriers with multiple-arms. They may be adjusted so as to change the speed-with which a mechanical arm gets lifted to allow the cars in& out. Some other options & features for the barriers include; a vehicle-counter, an anti tailgating device & a mechanism which causes the barrier arm to go back-up if the vehicle does not move in time, thus preventing damage(s) to the vehicle.

You can find a great car part barrier installing company in Birmingham whose manufacturers create systems which lift whenever a security guard-presses a button. There are some apartment complexes & buildings which have private parking lots with a system programmed to let entry only to the drivers who swipe the authorized parking pass. There are others that can be easily programmed to lift-automatically whenever a sensor detects a vehicle that’s waiting to pass-through barrier.